camping, for the win

We're back from a quick, 24 hour camping trip and I miss it already.

Mostly I miss uninterrupted time with Tyler. Any other married folks depressed every Monday morning?  There's something about T I M E with Tyler that makes me fall even more in love. It's a good thing we just got started on forever...

But camping.

I realized as I was writing up my incredible camping list that I had incredible parents. My parents loved RVing. We traveled in our RV all the time. When I was younger, this embarrassed me. "Why can't we stay in a hotel?" I'd whine. Now the cheap-o in me sees the sheer brilliance of traveling with a tiny home behind your truck.

And because we spent all that time traveling and camping, I am an expert camper. I know what to pack. I know what to wear. So I sweetly reminded my husband that not all girls come with such training, and boy oh boy is he lucky. (He rolled his eyes at this.)

I just need camping.

There is something serene and boring about camping. And sometimes, I just need some boring in my life. I can always find something to do at home. A dress to be mended. A corner to mop. A fridge to clean out. A budget to tweek.

In nature, not so much. Nature leaves more time for t h i n k i n g.

And I needed it. I needed time with Tyler. I needed time by the water. I needed to eat simply again. I needed that 90 minute drive.

Camping, you were just about perfect.

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