my ideal morning

A while back, Nancy Ray posed a question on her blog: What does your ideal day look like?

Not your dream day (mine would definitely not include waking up for work) but the type of morning routine that makes you smile. That energizes you. What type of routine has you bouncing in your seat on the way to work? What sets a great foundation for your day?

Here's mine:

  • Wake up before 6:45. Any later is inviting rush into my schedule
  • Coffee
  • Quiet time to journal, read my Bible, and spend a few moments praying
  • Select my outfit the night before (and iron/steam if needed)
  • Pray with my husband
  • Make a smoothie or take time to pack breakfast
  • Leave for the office by 7:45

Not too complicated, is it? But I'm surprised how often I skip something on the list. Honestly, I'm usually up 10 minutes too late and my whole morning gets thrown.  When I rush, I don't share my heart with God the way I should. When I rush, praying with my husband always gets pushed to the back burner. When I'm rushed, I don't leave the house looking as put together as I would like to be.

So much rushing can be eliminated by preparing the evening before and being intentional with my time each morning.

But that snooze button is so tempting, isn't it?

So my goal for the next forever is to work at getting up when I should. To be intentional with my evenings so that I can be joyful in the morning. I love mornings. Let's do this.

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