things in my life that have thrown me for a loop

When our electric company exponentially increased fuel costs. Without warning.

When I started dating Tyler two months before college graduation. After I planned on graduating single.

When I discovered Christmas in South Korea is a couples holiday, not a family holiday.

When my parents divorced.

When my parents remarried. Each other.

When I saw my first iPhone.

When I attended my first middle school dance.

When I used a sewing machine for the first time.

When I had my first kiss.

When I realized Chuy's had the best happy hour in town.

When I realized water's importance to my day-to-day functioning.

When I almost failed college biology.

When I passed college biology with a B.

When I discovered used books on Amazon. 

When I realized Tyler was the only man for me, on a plane, bound for a year long commitment.

When I realized I could quit that year long commitment.

... And each and every time God shares truth with me.

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