what did i do in march?

Do you ever have periods in life that feel slow? Where progress is made, but you don't seem to process it? To feel it?

I want to start noticing my progress. Start noticing my successes. I think it will make it easier for me to continue positive changes and see where I'm lacking in a few areas.

Confession: My current job isn't really my dream job.

I think I've let that thought slowly convince me that because my current job isn't my dream job, then my life can't really be my "dream" life. So why try?

What a load of crap.

So here goes. Here are things that I (or we did) in March.

I won our Oscars challenge.

I tackled butternut squash.

We celebrated Fat Tuesday with margaritas.

I finished Leviticus and moved on to Numbers. I am loving Numbers!

I finally finished painting the black dresser mint.

I started quilting.

I started getting up a bit earlier.

I watched the Bachelor finale, with girlfriends and champagne.

We had a fancy date on the first day of spring.

We finally watched Hunt for the Red October. And loved it.

I saw the Veronica Mars Movie. And loved it too.

I made big progress on The Amazing Adventure of Kavalier & Clay.

I announced this blog on Instagram. (Big goal for myself.)

Tabitha and I went to our first Pure Barre classes. Then promptly bought the DVDs. That class is $$$!

We had a peaceful Starbucks reading date. Gift cards rock.

We decided to eat clean as much as possible.

I cut my closet in half.

I donated the rest.

I renewed the Sentra's registration.

I got through a crazy week of tours at work.

I said goodbye to a favorite co-worker.

I packed like a madwoman for our first solo camping trip.

It was successful!

I won a few games of Settlers of Catan with friends.

I had a clean house, each and every weekend.

I learned to better delegate chores to my hubby...

... Resulting in better weekends.

March, you were full and good.

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