dear future self

Dear Future Self,

Don't worry so much about what's going to happen. It will happen and you will deal with it.

Do be mindful about the things you bring into your home. Cheap is cheap and more stuff doesn't equal more happiness.

Do enjoy the process of cooking. Of providing a meal for your husband and the everyday routine it brings.

Don't make excuses ( $, time, tiny house ) for why you shouldn't entertain others. The best times are around a table.

Don't spend any time obsessing about your thigh size. Your husband loves them. His opinion is the only one that matters.

Do take the time to dress nice for work each day.

Dress up for date night too.

Do keep making projects, just for the sake of making

Don't fight for control of the budget. It's just money. And it's our money. Make it a joint venture.

Get outside. Get outside often.

Do enjoy the pool. You only have one summer left with your own pool.

Don't take the silence for granted. Rest in it. Revel in it.

Do keep going to bed early. Your morning self will thank you.

Do let your husband pick out the movie from time to time. Olympus Has Fallen wasn't so bad...

Do allow yourself some slack. You can't make dinner every night of the week? You accidentally fall asleep after a long day when you should be working out? S L A C K. You need it.

Don't stop laughing.

Don't stop dancing in the kitchen.

Don't stop encouraging.

Your Current Self.

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