"Your future includes manna. It will come. There is no sense in devising future scenarios now because God will do more than you anticipate. When you understand God's plan to give future grace, you have access to what is arguable God's most potent salve against worry and fear." Ed Welch

I saw this posted on Carissa Graham's Instagram a few weeks ago and took a snapshot of it. I've been reading through Exodus and Leviticus and this quote spoke deeply to my heart.

I've been so worried about our manna. About digging ourselves a debt trench.

Tyler and I both feel so much peace about him going back to pursue his masters, but I struggled each day with the thought of taking out loans.

Then last Wednesday I posted this. Looking over our future budget scared the daylight out of me. But I was determined to give this issue to God. I went home that night and Tyler and I spent some time walking and talking, then ultimately praying. We lifted our budget up to God. We asked him to give us wisdom and bless our finances. We decided that no matter how broke we were, we would never stop tithing.

And then I said, half joking, "Wouldn't it be awesome if we could live somewhere free in exchange for our services?" It was such a wish, not even a realistic goal. Where would we find something like that?

Oh how I underestimate my God. 

On Thursday afternoon, God planted a thought in my head and I raced home to share it with Tyler. (Btw, that was the longest workout I've ever had. I was so anxious to just leave my Insanity class right then!)

I wasn't sure if Tyler would go for it, but he handled the suggestion with such maturity and grace. So we prayed some more and asked a few questions and applied to be dorm parents at our alma mater - the university at which I currently work. Tyler would still be able to attend school full time and I'd keep my on-campus job. We knew there would be sacrifices, but we left the entire thing up to God. If this was his doing, he'd see it through.

On Monday, we had an interview. On Wednesday, we were offered the job.

Literally, one week later, God completely blew our wildest dreams out of the water. He didn't just provide, he gave us more than we asked for. We'll be able to not just live for free, but save! We get to work with college students, an age Tyler and I both love. I get to redecorate again, this time with more ideas about what works and what doesn't work for us. Tyler gets free cable. (He is thrilled. Rangers FTW!)

God brought us manna. I couldn't have planned this for us. I couldn't have anticipated it.

And we are so, so thankful

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