one year later

One year ago I was preparing for my wedding. Getting ready to be a wife.

One year ago I was writing thank you cards to people who showered us with gifts and sweet praise, with hospitality and food. 

One year ago I was packing for our honeymoon, mentally preparing myself to become a bride in every sense of the word.

One year ago I was hurried, making lists on corners of napkins, to-do’s piling up.

One year ago I was sleeping alone, brushing my teeth alone, greeting the day alone.

But last night I made dinner for my husband. Nothing fancy – just leftovers from our Easter dinner. We talked about our upcoming move, loose plans we have for the future. I did the dishes while he studied for his next test. I tidied, put away laundry, picked up shoes and random mail. 

This morning I woke up, my arms draped around Tyler. I snoozed. Several times.
I made coffee for two. I spent time praying for his day, for our future. I perked up on the couch when his bedhead came into view. We got ready for the day together. He started my car. I kissed him goodbye. 

Tonight, we’ll do it all over again. This routine can feel daunting, almost machine-like. But that’s when I miss the magic of it. The sweetness of it. We are a team and we are doing this thing called life. One day at a time. I like where I am, one year later. 

Post inspired by Heather at Tickled Yellow.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I thought it would be nice to visit my parents without my husband, but that's when I miss him more than ever. :)