I hope heaven feels like my time in Faith in Action - using my gifts, laughing till crying, eating good meals, and seeing the country. Fellowship.

I hope my sister and I always live close to each other.

I hope the weather changes soon. It's such a windy mess outside.

I hope we meet our goal at the office this year. I'm worried.

I hope my husband loves grad school. I hope he makes good friends that help the two years pass quickly. I hope the teachers see what a great student and servant he is.

I hope we always live a good story, and never let being lazy get in the way of adventure.

I hope we have children someday.

I hope I get to have a house full of windows.

I hope I'm not disappointed at the finale of Lost. (And I REALLY hope no one ruins it for me before I get there)

I hope we keep exercising and keep eating healthy, one day at a time.

I hope our upcoming move goes smoothly.

I hope our next vacation is restful. And the weather is nice.

But mostly, I just hope Jesus comes soon. And that there is a rockin beach in heaven.

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