she & he: april

He has all his books in for grad school.

She is making huge progress on the quilt. And getting comfy with the seam ripper.

They are eating more Mexican food than ever. If possible.

She got to babysit her best friend's adorable baby girl.

He is counting down the days at work.

They watched a few baseball games. But left early because of the cold.

She cooked dinner for the in-laws. Lasagna is always a win.

He mastered green chile cheeseburgers.

She mastered homemade fries.

Golfing was attempted.

Windstorms were survived. 

They LOVED their first time at Alamo Drafthouse.

So much so that she works there now - freelance Event Coordinator!

She is pumped for her first event in May.

He is pumped for free tickets and food.

They can't wait for vacation.

15 days to go.

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