what i love about vacation

I love sleeping in.

I love not worrying about what time it is.

I love reading, reading, reading.

I love the books I pick to take on vacation ... mind candy/beach reads only. Save the challenging stuff for home.

I love eating. Planning our next meal. Splurging on dessert.

I love having T    I    M   E with my husband. Hours of it. Days of it. Uninterrupted time.

I love listening to built-up podcasts while driving.

I love playing car games as the miles pass.

I love getting to the destination.

I love fresh hotel sheets and fluffy comforters.

I love seeing new things, or old things that I missed.

I love ice cream even more on vacation.

I love not having to make time for exercise.

I love not doing the dishes.

I love not planning meals to cook, or visiting the grocery store.

I love visiting the grocery store just for snacks.

I love the freedom.

Vacation, I love you.
(But coming home is usually pretty great too.)


*photo from our last vacation

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