an intentional summer

Last summer just flew too fast. We got married the first weekend in June, and the rest of the summer months just felt like catching up after being in wedding mode.

This summer, I want to be intentional with my time and my very limited number of summer weekends. We can't go too crazy - Tyler's back in school. At first, that really bummed me out. I didn't realize in all my cold weather fantasies that Tyler would have very limited free time, if any at all, during the summer.

So a lot of my summer goals include solo activities. Even if Tyler is doing homework, I can still make our house feel like summer (aka always have popsicles around) and still do summery things on my own.

Plus we have some big changes coming! We'll be moving into our new place/job in less than a month. That means a whole new remodel to tackle. I'm so excited because I really understand what we need in a space now that we've been married for a while. (More closed storage - a place to put our keys by the door - somewhere for Tyler to put his million pair of shoes) I've been making a mood/idea board for our new place and I'm feeling really inspired and ready to diy.

Hey summer - let's do this.

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