• Scuba diving. Tyler loved it. I liked seeing the snorkelers above us. 
  • Staying in Galveston the night before we got on the ship. It was so nice to relax and sleep in.
  • Eating. We loved the burgers, pizza, and unlimited soft serve. What is it about free/unlimited that makes me want more than I usually want? And I cannot cannot say enough good things about Guys Burgers. Amazing. 
  • Not having to use any of the emergency pack I made. 
  • Having room service on our balcony. Just the balcony in general. It was my first cruise with a balcony and I loved it. It felt so quiet and private and I loved reading on it as we pulled in and out of ports.
  • Our dinner-mates. We met the neatest couple at dinner our first night, and had such a great time getting to know them. Tyler and I are usually very introverted on vacations, so it was such a pleasant surprise to make friends. The last two nights we closed down the dining hall!
  • The beach. It just gets to me. I love it.
  • Driving home through the hill country and rain. Parts of the drive got a little stressful, but the greenery was amazing and I loved our stop at Torchy's Tacos on the way home. Yum! 

Lessons Learned:
  • Do not take seasick medication if you are not seasick. We thought we'd be preventative, but it made us so dang drowsy that we slept through the entire first day. 
  • Always do an excursion. It just makes the day that much better. Our last day we wandered into an all inclusive that let us purchase a day pass. That was such a fun afternoon. 
  • Don't over pack. I wore the same two t-shirts the entire time I was there.
  • Bring your own lanyards. They said the lanyards were "free" but we had to fill out a credit card application. So we skipped that.
  • Tyler and I decided that we really aren't cruise people. We like the freedom that comes with a normal vacation. We like getting to eat a different restaurants. I think the overall food quality of a trip is a bit better that way. I think I'd like to rent a house for our next big trip. Or something with a kitchen so we can do some cooking. 

Overall, it was a great trip. I'm so thankful for what we got to do - that we budgeted carefully, and only spent the cash we had. I loved coming back and feeling proud of our financial choices. Honestly, that was the biggest highlight of the trip. I love being a responsible adult. Is that okay to say? I'm saying it. 

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