moments from the weekend

1. Having a unplanned day-date with Tyler. It started with the first Bahama Bucks trip of the season, and ended with checking out the progress on our new apartment.

2. Grilling Friday night.

3. Finally starting Lost, Season two.

4. Getting our first Bountiful Basket! Our kitchen was taken over by produce.

5. Finding the best cinnamon rolls in Lubbock at the most unlikely place ... reJAVAnate at Cardinal's sports store. I know ... but that coffee shop is the best. So quiet and comfy.

6. Cutting our 8" grass. Our backyard feels so tamed now!

7. Hiding under a gas station carport to wait out a hail storm. Serious wind gusts people.

8. A three-hour Sunday nap while it rained.

9. Starting a new book. Gobbling up the first 40 pages.

10. Becoming completely obsessed with the Waterlogue app.

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