post vacation

So we've been home a week and all I can think about is how much I miss Tyler. I don't miss the ship, or the food, or not having to do the dishes. I don't miss the beach or the pool. I'm actually glad to be home and cleaning and cooking. It makes me feel more like a real person.

But I miss Tyler. I'm so glad we planned the vacation when we did, because the day after we arrived, Tyler started grad school. And I haven't really seen him since. These next 8 - 10 weeks will be rough, as Tyler goes through Anatomy. We'll eat dinner at different times (which BTW, makes meal planning/cooking so much harder) and go to bed a different times.

Man, have I been spoiled this past newlywed year.

I've gotten so used to the endless togetherness we seem to have. To leaving work at 5 and not thinking about it again until 8 the next day. To weekends with blank slates. To paid vacation days and nights without homework.

So it was nice to have ten long days of togetherness under my belt before we jumped headfirst into the pool that is graduate studies.

But I am so proud of Tyler. He is doing something that is not easy. He is choosing something difficult so that we can have a better life later. He is not settling for "good enough." He is fighting for better. And for that, I am so thankful.

Thanks cutie!

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