she & he: may

The highlight of the month was vacation - hands down.

She spent the days reading.

His highlight was scuba diving.

They can't wait to get the film developed from their underwater camera.

He started grad school.

And now she has a lot more free time in the evenings.

They finished the first season of Lost.

She's having a hard time waiting to start season two...

Their grass is growing like crazy.

The weeds are even crazier.

She is loving the warm nights and pool weather.

He is getting into the groove at school.

She is pleased with the way her quilt is coming together.

He is pleased with his hardworking study group.

She saved up her money for the new Coldplay album.

He counted down the days to buy Lone Survivor on dvd.

And they are both savoring this last, quiet month in their newlywed apartment. 


  1. I just stumbled upon you from a comment on Heather's recent book post over at Tickled Yellow and I feel like we could be such good friends in real life! I love finding blogs of people whom I can connect with :)

  2. Thank you! That is the best compliment. You made my day!