what we've learned

We've learned...

Lauren is a morning person.

Tyler is a night person.

Sometimes it is difficult to mesh the two.

Compromise is a must.

Weekends usually mean less sleep.

And pizza.

Lauren can't watch TV with a sink full of dirty dishes.

Now Tyler can't either.

The Office will forever be in rotation.

A clean house always trumps clean cars.

Nature is our happy place.

We've learned...

How to decipher insurance choices.

How to deal without cable.

How to split meals at a restaurant.

How to cook for two.

How to budget for two.

How to save.

How to spend.

How to pray together.

How to ask for forgiveness.

How to say sorry. (And how to say sorry without saying, "I'm sorry, but ...")

I've learned...

That I didn't have it all together before we got married.

That I struggle with change. Especially quick changes.

That I am not the fairest fighter.

That quality time is my love language. 

That I crave time alone in the mornings, and don't function well without it.

That I haven't lost my individuality or freedom - like I feared before we married.

That Tyler is a better man today than the man I married.

That when one of us angry - the other is usually pretty calm. Like a balancing act.

That trusting Tyler is like using WD-40 ... everything in our marriage just runs smoother.

That marrying Tyler has been my best decision.

I love you Tyler! Happy one year anniversary!

Photos taken by Paul Norman Photography.

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