Change is coming.

I can feel it.

There is obvious change, like our mailing address and the place we lay our head each night. But I know that more will change. These next two years will be refining, building us for wherever God chooses to take us next. We have no idea what life will look like when Tyler graduates, but I am so excited.

I've seen firsthand how God provides. I've witnessed how he blesses those who ask for His help, and continually seek His favor. I think tithing plays a huge roll in this. When we married, Tyler and I agreed that no matter how much money we had, we would always tithe. We would choose to put God first with our money ... His money.

I don't look at tithing like a transaction, put money in - blessings come out. I see it as worship. As faith. We give because we have faith that God will provide. Even when we have enough money each month, tithing is a reminder that we are not in control. That our financial situation can change at any minute.

But, God. Always God.

I look around the rooms of our new apartment and I just think, "God did this." When I show our apartment to friends, they must think I'm a grinning lunatic, proud of us living in this tiny apartment, in charge of 42 rowdy college boys. But it's because I am so overwhelmed at how God chose to provide for us in this season of life.

And I know that change is coming. He is changing my heart.

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