she & he: june

June brought their first anniversary, 365 days of being together.

She loved the dinner date.

He picked mini-golf.

She won.

Icees were had, Target was perused.

Study, study, study, was the theme of the month.

She watched the entire 4th season of Gilmore Girls while quilting.

And is moving on to season 5... for the third time.

He pretends that he doesn't like it.

They are days away from moving into their new apartment/job.

She has been savoring morning moments before the packing begins.

He is so ready to have an office of his own.

They spent all day Saturday painting, and it went down much smoother than the last time they painted...

 She is loving the white walls.

He likes the darker mint in the bedroom.

This new phase of life will be so different, but so good.

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