Eating: healthy, healthy, healthy.

Drinking: black coffee with homemade coconut milk creamer. It is a lot more satisfying than I thought it would be ... although I do miss sugar in my coffee. A dash of cinnamon always tricks me a bit.

Practicing: being kind and giving lots of grace.

Mastering: saying no to doughnuts.

Trying: to love veggies more than fruit.

Playing: this song ... along with every other teen in America. Such a dancy tune.

Reading: The Opposite of Loneliness. I should be finishing The Woman in White but this book is breathtaking. I sat down in the library to read the introduction and was swept away.

Remembering: the taste of pizza and beer on a Friday night...

Wearing: sleeveless and sandals, all summer long.

Cooking: roasted sweet potatoes almost every day. Paprika ... what a spice.

Wanting: to see a few more summer sunsets before school starts back up.

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