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I've been reading through Jeremiah this month and man, the first half is brutal. Over and over, God tells the Isrealites how mad he is. And rightfully so.

But around the halfway point, the mood in the book shifts and you can read some foreshadowing about Jesus and what God plans to do in the future. Hope enters the picture.

But what has stuck out to me the most is what God asks of his people. God tell the Isrealites and the king of Judah that if they surrender to the Babylonians, they won't be killed. It will be shameful. It will seem like defeat, but they will propser again. God will rebuild Jerusalem.

But the king doesn't surrender. He's too afraid. It makes no logical sense to surrender.

. . . 

The older I get, the more I realize that God doesn't make a lot of logical sense. At least not earthly sense. Don't gossip about your co-workers? But it's so fun! It's so easy. God says no.

Give away my hard earned money? Donate to the church, take care of the bum on the street? God says yes.

All of this ties in to my experience with Whole30. I am constantly denying my body (and mind) things that it desires. Popcorn. M & Ms. Rolls. But now that I'm 23 days in, I am beginning to see the long-term benefits. My stomach is flat. My jeans fit loose. I feel good.

I feel good when I eat popcorn too, but this is a deeper good. A lasting good.

That's what the king of Judah didn't understand. He needed to deny himself - deny earthly logic for the lasting good. For Jerusalem. For his people.

Now that Whole30 is winding down, I'm afraid. I hear that most people are. I'm afraid that I won't know how to eat treats in moderation. That one or two bites won't be enough. One slice of cake won't be enough.

I just need to remember that it's all for the lasting good.

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