I love writing. 

It's taken me a really long time to get comfortable with this statement.

Maybe because I want so badly to not just love writing, but to be good at writing. And maybe have other people love my writing, if I'm lucky.

But truthfully, the latter wishes don't change that I really, truly, love writing.

I was struck recently by the sheer volume of journals I own. And they aren't three-fourths empty "I bought this because I'm addicted to buying pretty notebooks" journals. They are real and full and me. I can't remember a time when I wasn't writing in a journal. Sure, the content varies like my feelings on pms - but I was always writing. I just was.

And so I'm ready for my next step. I am here, declaring my bold statement, Elise Blaha Cripe style.


And I'm going to keep doing it whether you read it or not.

So here's my challenge:
For the next year I will write one essay a week - 52 essays total. There will be no minimum or maximum length requirement. The themes will vary drastically. There will be stories from my past, current struggles, lessons, and random reflections.

It will be me, showing up every Friday, to work on a craft that I love.

Will you join me?

Check back tomorrow to see the very first essay.

(I am so terrified.)

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