Houston: Week 1

*I originally wrote this as a letter to a friend and mentor, but it felt like a good update and post, so I'm adding it here. 

I have officially been employed for one whole week. :)

The office staff is small, five employees, but we have a staff of over 20 coaches and reach over 4000 kids. My job is primarily customer service, but will grow to cover all communication that leaves the office, from monthly email updates to newsletters. When my boss was hiring me, he said that he really liked that I was an English major. Take that disapproving English major parents. (Not mine, of course) 

I am so incredibly thankful to be employed, but I am mostly just homesick. It is such a strange feeling, so emotional and physical all at the same time. A pressure in my chest. 

I know it will pass, it always does, but it is hard while it lasts. I keep thinking about Brooklyn, and Eilis, and being thankful that my parents are just a short drive away. I'll see them next month, not next year. 

But it also has me thinking how special LCU is, and how rare. I had the privilege to not only work with people I admired and was encouraged by, but also to spend time with co-workers who morphed into life-long friends. Those type of friendships don't come along very often. 

Tyler is busy, working 15 hour days, so I am keeping as busy as I can. Taking walks at the lakes near our apartment, going to fitness classes at our gym, and watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix. I'm completely sucked in. Mostly I'm just focused on surviving, the day-in and day-out of it. 

But I have brunch with a friend this weekend, and we've found a church we absolutely love. One week at a time.